Performance PPL Reign

  • Inspired and formulated by detailers, for detailers.

    10h hardness. 7 year lifespan. Proven data. Downloadable warranty. Suitable for mobile. Instant flash. 4 hour cure time. Can be used on PPF, and on wraps, and on wheels, and yes, on carbon too. No accreditation needed. This product has a 6 month lifespan for guaranteed quality.

    Application A simple five step process, minimal effort, maximum results.

    1. Give the bottle a gentle shake

    2. Apply no more than 5-8 drops of Reign onto your application pad

    3. Ensure even coverage via straight lines, up and down, then side to side

    4. Wait for 10 seconds, then buff off immediately with a NEW microfibre cloth

    5. Check with an inspection light to ensure you have removed all coating residue, then reset the process

    Upon purchasing this product, you confirm that you are a competent detailer, have read and understood the data sheet and will comply with all steps detailed in the warranty. No warranty claims will be valid without proof of warranty download. This will be sent to you when you place your order. Please check your junk if you do not receive, or contact

    About Reign

    Reign is a 10h hardness true nano coating that has a 7 year lifespan. The first of its kind, with proven data, and a downloadable warranty on purchase.

    Being a true nano coating, Reign can go on anything! Paintwork, carbon, glass, wheels, wraps or PPF.

    Before reign is applied to any surfaces, decontamination is a MUST. A two bucket safe wash, iron fall out application, followed by a tar and glue cleanse, finished off with a clay bar treatment… that’s what we consider the fundamental standard decontamination process. The crucial final step is a panel wipe / IPA wipe down to remove any oils from the surface.

    The strongest bond that can be achieved by Reign is clear coat to ceramic coating. We guarantee and warranty 7 years (based on UK average millage). When applied to wheels, please appreciate that the durability depends on the nature of the vehicles usage. When applied to a daily used car, travelling to work and back, reign will last a different duration than a when applied to a track used vehicle.

    On glass, we estimate 2-3 years. Totally dependant on location and application. Glass coatings of all sorts are dependent on a successful application. For the best application on glass surfaces, glass polishing, clay barring, and IPA wipe down are crucial for a long lasting and successful application.

    Hundreds of hours of testing has proven Reign to be compatible with all types of gloss, matte, and satin vinyl and PPF. It is also proven to work on self-healing films. Once again, a correct two bucket wash, iron fall out followed by tar and glue, with an IPA wipe down is essential preparation for the application of Reign on vinyl. We don’t recommend clay barring certain vinyls.

    It’s suitable for mobile as it has an Instant flash & a 4 hour cure time. Reign isn’t temperature sensitive, but common sense is a must when applying outside in the elements. If it’s a hot day, we’d advise a canopy to keep the panels cool. If it’s a winter afternoon, do not try and apply reign onto panels that has any moist air starting to form on the surface of the panel.

    A standard size 30ml bottle of REIGN should easily do two cars. 10H coatings are not like the standard 9H coatings you see daily. A little goes a long way, and the product doesn’t need smothering all over the panel.

    The idea of one 30ml purchase of REIGN is a full protection package for one vehicle. Paintwork, wheels, glass and leather all coated with one bottle, saving you the time and money. A tried and tested overall product, keeping it all under one roof.

    Bottle shelf life is one year, and 3-4 months once opened.

    Safety Warning

    Do not drink Reign. Keep it out of reach of children. Always wear safety gear, including gloves, and apply it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid any contact with eyes or skin, but if it does come in contact with your skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes. Allow 4-6 hours for the coating to cure before exposing it to elements or water contact.

    Unlike other coatings, REIGN does not need maintenance as often. If the coating has done excessive miles on the vehicle and becomes flat, giving the usual impression of needing a maintenance decontamination, simply apply a low PH pre-wash/snow foam, rinse, do your usual two-bucket safe wash procedure, and enjoy the return of the glossy beads!

    REIGN is an industry breakthrough, a 10h 7-year surface coating that can be applied by a competent detailer in any situation. It was designed and developed by the team at the UBV Institute of Detailing in the UK.

    We recommend LIQUID ONLY decontamination maintenance every 5,000 miles on a car averaging 10,000 miles per year. Please be aware that using a clay bar may heavily diminish the coating, so we do not recommend clay barring a working coating.

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