Performance PPL Use Protection

  • Inspired and formulated by detailers, for detailers.

    The name is a nod to the advice from our youth during late-night car park meets, fuelled by passion and petrol. The night that shaped us into the car enthusiasts and detailers we are today.

    Cherish those memories and protect what you love. ‘Use Protection’ is a premium SiO2 detailer spray. Echoing the characteristics of the REIGN 10H coating, a simple spray and wipe on dry paint provides 6-12 months of protection. It can also serve as a quick booster protection spray. Best used on decontaminated paint, it can be applied to wet paint before towel drying. It’s ideal for wheels and glass too.

    Perfect for professionals seeking top-tier protection or enthusiasts desiring the best without the complexities of a nano-coating application.

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