KARCHER Replacement Battery

  • KARCHER Replacement Battery order no. 2.633-123.0

    This handy additional battery for your WV5 Window Vac allows you to get up to 1 hour and 10 miuntes of uninterupted cleaning time when using two batteries. Simply unclick the battery from your window vac and click the second battery in place. Then you are ready to go again. This additional battery works very well with the WV5 charging station, as it allows you to store and charge both your window vac and the spare battery.


    Features & Benefits:

    For endless cleaning
    Uninterrupted cleaning
    Easy and quick battery replacement with a single click


    Compatible with: WV 5, WVP 10 Advanced


    Alternative part numbers :- 2633123, 2.633.123, 26331230, 4.633-083.0, 46330830, 4633083

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