KARCHER Universal Connector Premium Hose Coupling

  • KARCHER Universal Connector Premium Hose Coupling order no. 2.645-195.0

    Gardening isn’t just about getting things done, it’s about doing a good job and creating a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. At Kärcher, we understand that to do this you need the right equipment and our high pressure hose coupling system meets those requirements. Made from superior materials that guarantee a superior job, this universal hose coupling uses corrosion-free aluminium to guarantee a longer lasting product. Ideal for those who sometimes struggle to reach every corner of their garden, this handy attachment allows you to connect a series of hose pipes together for complete flexibility in the garden. Our high pressure hose couplings are universal, meaning you don’t need to buy a special hose to use them. Get great results from your gardening even if the hose pipes you’re using aren’t uniform in size; the Kärcher universal hose coupling won’t compromise on the results so you can be sure of excellent water flow no matter what.

    Features & Benefits:

    Soft plastic recessed grips - For ease of use.
    Hose clamp made of corrosion-free aluminium - Guaranteed robustness.

    Application Area's:

    For watering small to large areas and gardens.
    For watering large gardens.
    For watering food plants and useful plants (small beds, individual and pot plants).
    For watering ornamental plants (small beds, individual and pot plants).
    Cleaning gardening tools and garden furniture.

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645195, 2.645.195, 26451950

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