KARCHER Starter Universal Micro Irrigation Rain Box

  • KARCHER Starter Universal Micro Irrigation Box order no. 2.645-238.0 


    The Kärcher Rain Box is the ideal starter kit for efficient, economical and needs-based garden watering. The Kärcher Rain Box contains a G1 tap connector with G3/4 reduction piece for connection to a tap, 2 couplings, 1 filter, 15 m Kärcher Rain System hose (consisting of input hose and for attachment of collars), 10 m soaker hose, 4 T-connectors with regulation, 4 I-connectors, 10 drip collars and 5 ground spikes for fixing hoses securely. The Kärcher Rain Box, like all products in the Kärcher Rain System range can be installed without the use of tools. The drip collars included in the Kärcher Rain Box can be attached to the Kärcher Rain System hose and adjusted as desired. The soaker hose drips evenly over the entire length and can be optimally adjusted using the adjustable tee on the T-piece. The Kärcher Rain System runs with up to 4 bar pressure, can be individually adapted to every garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for need-orientated watering control. Transform the irrigation in your garden with the Kärcher Rain Box starter kit today.


    Features & Benefits:

    Complete kit - Complete Kärcher Rain System starter kit.
    Ready to use: All system-relevant components are included in the kit.
    Drip collar with water volume regulation - Targeted and need-based watering of plants.
    Fixed to the Kärcher Rain System hose - Flexible and precise mounting.
    Drip collar with integrated needle - Installation without the use of tools.
    Resealable drip collar - Collars can be flexibly placed and removed as required.
    Complete set that is easy to set up - No extensive planning required.
    Integrated Kärcher Rain System hose - Extremely flexible for fitting.
    T-piece with water volume regulation - Optimal water volume regulation for the drip hose.
    Easily Expanded - Can be easily extended with other Kärcher Rain System components.


    Application Area's:

    Garden waterin
    Flower beds, vegetable patches
    Hedges, bushes
    Planting in rows



    Water volume can be regulated
    T-connectors with regulation, 4 piece(s)
    I-connectors, 4 piece(s)
    Hose stop, 5 piece(s)
    Drip nozzles, 10 piece(s)
    Hose spikes, 5 piece(s)
    Trickle hose, 10 m
    Kärcher Rain System® hose, 1/2"
    Connector, 2 piece(s)
    Tap adaptor with reducer, G1, G3/4, 1 piece(s)


    Alternative part numbers :- 2645238, 2.645.238, 26452380


  • Technical Data:

    Max. pressure (bar): 4
    Weight (kg): 2.7
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 380 x 289 x 113


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