KARCHER ST6 Senso Timer With 1 Remote Moisture Sensors DISCONTINUED

  • KARCHER ST6 Senso Timer With 1 Remote Moisture Sensors order no. 2.645-213.0

    The SensoTimer ST6 is activated by a humidity control sensor that measures the soil’s moisture value, transmitting this information every 30 minutes to the SensoTimer. You can choose between five moisture levels to suit your garden, which automatically updates the SensoTimer sensor to make sure your garden’s moisture level never falls below its desired value. Essential for maintaining your garden, programming the ST6 is simple thanks to an easy to use, removable battery-powered control panel featuring five, easy to use control buttons including a 24hr pause button to suspend watering. You can set up to two watering times a day, for a maximum duration of 90 minutes, and use your water source manually at any time. By selecting the ecologic function, watering can be delayed by 1 to 7 days so you never have to worry about your garden when on holiday or on damp days.

    Features & Benefits:

    Moisture controlled watering - Efficient, water-saving and need-based watering of plants.
    Removable display - Convenient programming.
    Automatic On/Off - Targeted watering.
    Individual setting of watering frequency - Need-based watering.
    Button to switch watering off for 24 hours - Interruption of watering for 24 hours.
    Manual watering possible - Short-term water removal.

    Application Area's:

    Garden watering
    Lawns, flower beds, vegetable patches, hedges

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645213, 2.645.213, 26452130

  • Technical Data:

    Weight (kg): 0.6
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 96 x 137 x 153


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