KARCHER Soaker Hose & Particle Filter Set

  • KARCHER Soaker Hose & Particle Filter Set order no. 2.645-241.0


    The drip hose kit is a ready-for-connection complete kit and contains a particle filter, 20 m drip hose and an end piece. The water drips evenly over the entire length of the hose. Because the water is applied precisely where it is needed, hedges and bushes are optimally watered. The hose can be shortened if required and securely sealed with the end piece. The two-ply hose is free of phthalates, cadmium, barium and lead and is thus harmless to health. Ideally the hose is operated with max. 2 bar. The particle filter protects the drip hose from dirt particles. The filter inlay can be removed and cleaned. There is a tap connector on the input side, which is compatible with all known click systems. The efficient Kärcher Rain System™ combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering systems. It works with up to 4 bar pressure and can be adapted to almost any garden.


    Features & Benefits:

    Soaker hose for the Kärcher Rain System - Direct watering along the plants.
    Can be extended up to 50m - Even application over the entire length of the hose.
    Phthalate-free quality garden hose
    Cadmium, barium and lead-free
    Winterproof - Hose can remain outside in winter.


    Application Area's:

    Garden watering
    Hedges, bushes
    Planting in rows



    Hose stop, 1 piece(s)
    Trickle hose, 20 m
    Particulate filter, 1 piece(s)


    Alternative part numbers :- 2645241, 2.645.241, 26452410


  • Technical Data:

    Diameter: 1/2"
    Hose length (m): 20
    Max. pressure (bar): 4
    Weight (kg): 1.1
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 223 x 385 x 28


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