• KARCHER Premium Irrigation Set order no. 2.645-245.0

    Complete premium set of Micro Irrigation

    For a neat and clear storage of all parts

    To carry with you in the garden while installing the system

    Soaker Hose: Heavy metal and phthalate-free material, 2 – layer hose with textile structure,

    Recommended pressure 2 bar, Water flow can be regulated: 5 l/mh at 2 bar 25 l/mh at 4 bar

    Rain Hose: Micro sprayers and drip nozzles easily pierce the hose, Sealing collars completely seal any holes from removed nozzles

    T-Connector with water flow regulation: Connection between several hopses from the Kärcher Rain SystemTM, Water flow adjustment

    I-Connector: Connection between two hoses, Can be used to connect a Soaker Hose and a Kärcher Rain hose

    Hose Stop: To close the hose at the end, Connects to both Kärcher Rain Hose and Soaker Hose.

    Particle Filter: Filter in the middle protects the Soaker Hose / whole system from small dirt particles, Filter is exchangeable, removable, washable

    Mesh size of Particle Filter: 40μ

    Drip Nozzle: To irrigate the plant directly at the root, Water output adjustable, Water flow can be regulated: 0 – 10 l/h

    Hose Spike: Keeps your hose securely in place

    Spray Nozzle: Water volume can be regulated

    ST6 Senso Timer With 1 Remote Moisture Sensors: Measures the moisture in the ground and waters the plants according to their needs. Through that, water is only used when it is really needed

    Comes Complete with:

    Soaker Hose 10 m

    Kärcher Rain SystemTM Hose 15 m

    T - Connector with Water Flow Regulation x4

    I - Connector x4

    Hose Stop x5

    Particle Filter x1

    Drip Nozzle x10

    Hose Spike x5

    2 Connectors + 1 Tap Adaptor + 1 Reducer

    Spray Nozzle x3

    KARCHER ST6 Senso Timer With 1 Remote Moisture Sensors x1

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645245, 2.645.245, 26452450


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