KARCHER PK2 Comfort Plus Cloths For Floor Tool

  • KARCHER PK2 Comfort Plus Cloths For Floor Tool order no. 2.863-020.0


    The cloths set floor nozzle Comfort Plus includes two soft floor cloths made of high quality microfiber. In combination with the larger floor nozzle Comfort Plus dirt can be solved and removed significantly better. This simplifies floor cleaning enormously and gives brilliant results on various hard floor surfaces such as tile, natural stone, linoleum or PVC floors.


    Features & Benefits:

    Soft floor cleaning cloth made from high-quality microfibres - Good cleaning results thanks to optimal dirt loosening and high level of dirt intake.
    Simple cleaning - Cleaning the microfibre cloths: machine wash at 60°C.
    Intelligent attachment to the Comfort Plus floor nozzle - Contactless cloth changing – no contact with the dirty floor cleaning cloth.


    Application Area's:
    For all hard floor surfaces (tile, marble, PVC, granite, etc.)
    For cleaning floors.
    For tiles tall areas
    For ceilings insensitive to water.


    Compatible with:

    SC4, SC5
    SC 1.020 o.BE., SC 2.500 C, SC 2.600 C, SC 5.800 C


    Alternative part numbers :- 2863020, 2.863.020, 28630200

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