• KARCHER Pipe Cleaning Nozzle, 16mm, 065 order no. 5.763-020.0

    Pipe cleaning nozzle with internal thread, 16 mm diameter. Nozzle has different jet directions for environmentally-friendly cleaning of blocked drains and pipes. Three of the four nozzle jets are tilted back at a 30° angle, one is front-facing. This allows the nozzle and hose to move through the pipe. Pipe cleaning nozzle with R 1/8" connection for connecting to pipe cleaning hose.

    Compatible With:

    HD 10/15-4 Cage Food, HD 10/25-4 S Plus, HD 10/25-4 SX Plus, HDS 1000 BE, HDS 1000 De,

    HDS 12/18-4 S, HDS 7/16 C, HDS 801 B, HDS 801 D

    Alternative part numbers :- 5763020, 5.763.020, 57630200, 5.763-020.0

  • Technical Data

    Diameter (mm) 16
    Nozzle size 65

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