KARCHER Pack 5 Sealing Collar

  • KARCHER Pack 5 Sealing Collar order no. 2.645-235.0

    Sealing collars are part of the "Kärcher Rain System™". They can be quickly attached anywhere on the Kärcher Rain System™ hose and are used to completely seal collar holes that are no longer required. Installation is fast, easy and does not require tools. The pin is stuck into the hole to be sealed and the collar is closed. This securely seals the hose, which can then continue to be used without unnecessary waste of water. The highly efficient Kärcher Rain System™ watering system works with 4 bar pressure, features a 1/2" hose with drip and spray collars and combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering. The "Kärcher Rain System™" can be individually adapted to almost any garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for need-based watering control.

    Features & Benefits:

    Resealable collar
    Fixed to the Kärcher Rain System hose - Flexible, precise watering

    Application Area's:

    Garden watering
    Flower beds, vegetable patches


    Sealing collars, 5 piece(s)

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645235, 2.645.235, 26452350

  • Technical Data:

    Max. pressure (bar): 4
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 16 x 23 x 21


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