KARCHER HWE 860 Stationary Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

  • KARCHER HWE 860 Stationary Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner order no. 3.070-036.0


    Stand-alone electric flow heater
    Stand-alone electric flow heater with switchbox. Available with timer and hot/cold remote control. 55 litre stainless steel tank. Heats water up to 80°C.


    Features & Benefits

    Individual configuration

    For low investment costs: Choose a basic unit and simply select the required features. Over 50 accessories for ease of use.

    Excellent cleaning action with hot water feed

    Up to 70°C water supply temperature even in the basic model. A booster pump increases the temperature to up to 85 degrees. For extremely low-wear operation.

    Most features and accessories can easily be retrofitted at any time

    Many equipment features can be retrofitted at any time. Minimum installation effort. Simple plug-and-play system.

    Built to last and retains its value

    Four-pole low-speed electric motor
    Robust ceramic pistons.
    Large pressure tank protects all pressure-loaded components.


    Alternative part numbers :- 3070036,, 30700360, 3.070-036.0

  • Technical Data

    Current type (Ph) 3 - 400 - 50
    Power rating (kW) 24
    Heating output (kW) 24
    Fuse protection (A) min. 50
    Min. water feed rate (l/h) 1000
    Operating temp. max (°C) 85
    Boiler cap., preheat chamber (l) 19
    Weight (kg) 42
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 440 x 508 x 751

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