• KARCHER HDS-E 8/16-4 M 24 kW 4 Pole Motor 3 Phase Power order no. 1.030-904.0


    The innovative HDS E 8/16-4 M electrically heated, hot water high-pressure cleaner is designed for excellent energy efficiency and a particularly high operating temperature. Thanks to the innovative, highly effective boiler insulation made from a special foam, the power consumption of the device is drastically reduced in the continuous standby mode. This allows energy savings of up to 40%. The eco!efficiency mode automatically switches the device into the particularly efficient 60°C mode, saving valuable resources. The especially hot operating temperature of max. 85°C is especially advantageous on greasy and oily stains, where a temperature of up to 80°C can be maintained in continuous operation thanks to servo control. A high-speed heating chamber ensures a much shorter preheating time. The hot water high-pressure cleaner can be used wherever exhaust gases are undesired or even prohibited, e. g. in food processing plants, hospitals, large kitchens or industrial plants.


    Features & Benefits


    Save energy and time: EASY!Force high-pressure guns and EASY!Lock quick-release locks.

    At last – work without getting tired: the EASY!Force high-pressure gun. EASY!Lock quick-release locks: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.


    Highly energy efficient, for high cost savings

    Highly effective insulating material saves up to 40% energy in standby mode.

    Unique eco!efficiency mode.


    High working temperature

    Large water reservoir (max. 85 °C).

    Up to 58° C in continious operation at full load or 80° C through servo control.


    Servo Control

    For delivering a significantly higher water temperature to the accessories.


    Alternative part numbers :- 1030261, 1.030.261, 10302610, 1.030-261.0, 1030905, 1.030.905, 10309050, 1.030-905.0, 1030904, 1.030.904, 10309040, 1.030-904.0


  • Technical Data

    Current type (Ph) 3 / 420 / 50

    Flow rate (l/h) 760

    Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 160 / 16

    Max. temperature (°C) 45 - 85

    Power cable (m) 5

    Heating output (kW) 24

    Weight (kg) 112

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1330 x 750 x 1060



    Trigger gun, EASY!Force Advanced

    High-pressure hose, 10 m

    Spray lance, 1050 mm, 1050 mm

    Power nozzle

    Service control

    Emission-free electric heating

    Control panel with indicator lamps

    Three piston axial pump, with ceramic piston

    Pressure switch control

    Two detergent tanks

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