KARCHER HDS 9/16-4 ST Gas Stationary Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner order no. 1.251-900.0


    The HDS 9/16-4 ST stationary high-pressure cleaning system offers an extraordinary high level of safety with its outstanding pressure relief, flue gas temperature monitor, innovative dry run cut-out in the float tank (protecting the pump) and the soft dampening system that reduces vibrations therefore extending the life of the unit. Ideal for cleaning applications where cleaning and disinfecting have to be done regularly to high standards such as in the food industry or in sanitary areas. Used with Eco-Line boilers, these units comply with the latest BimSch emission regulations.


    Features & Benefits


    Water-cooled 4-pole electric motor (oil-heated)

    Long service life. Improved efficiency. Guaranteed quiet operation.


    Burner technology (oil-heated)

    High heat output. Spiral heating coil for a compact design. Upright design prevents condensation and corrosion.


    Alternative part numbers :- 1251108,, 12511080, 1.251-108.0, 1251900, 1.251.900, 12519000, 1.251-900.0

  • Technical Data

    Current type (Ph)3 / 400 / 50

    Flow rate (l/h)500 - 960

    Operating pressure (bar/MPa)30 - 160 / 3 - 16

    Max. temperature (°C)98 - 98

    Power rating (kW)6.4

    Consumption fuel oil (m³/h)7.2

    Fuse protection (A)min. 16

    Weight (kg)160

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)1110 x 565 x 970



    SDS system

    System pressure relief

    Flame monitor

    Ready for Servo Control

    Ready for remote control

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