• KARCHER HD 4/10 X  Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaner order no. 1.520-978.0

    This new range focuses on mobility and ease of use.  A well-balanced quality, good performance and pricing ensure high competitiveness in emerging markets.

    Features & Benefits


    High pull off force can be reduced by 60% when pressing the trigger gun thanks to the automatic pressure relief valve, which also protects high-pressure components.


    Highly ergonomic, user-friendly and excellent mobility is guaranteed thanks to the compact design, strong wheels, pull handle, one button switch and 10% less weight*.
    *compared with HD 5/11Cage machine

    Customer benefits

    Excellent mobility due to very compact design and low weight
    Reliable 3 pistons axial pump
    Automatic pressure relief system for protecting the high-pressure components
    The extendable push handle provides more convenience to customers during transportation

    Product brief

    The new HD 4/10 X Classic is designed according to customer requirements regarding mobility, flexibility and reliability. The robust machines are also the right choice for professionals who seek sufficient performance for occasional, easy cleaning jobs which might be fulfilled in many cases by Consumer products so far.

    Technical data

    Power supply 220 240 V 1~ 50Hz
    Water flow rate 400 l/h
    Working pressure 100 bar / 10 MPa
    Max. pressure 145 bar / 14.5 M P a
    Connected load 1.8 kW
    Max. temperature 40 C
    Weight (w/ accessories) 19 kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 350 x 330 x 880 mm

    Standard accessories


    New Classic Trigger Gun
    Spray lance, 600 mm
    High-pressure Rubber hose, 8m, ID 6
    Power nozzle 25o


    Alternative part numbers :- 1.520-978.0, 15209780, 1520978, 1.520-978, 


    Alternative Karcher model numbers:- HD 4/10 x, HD410x, HD 410 x, HD-410 x, HD-410-x, HD 410-x

  • Technical Data:

    Current type (Ph): 1 / 240 / 50

    Flow rate (l/h): 490

    Operating pressure (bar/MPa): 110 / 11

    Max. pressure (bar/MPa): 160 / 16

    Power rating (kW): 2.2

    Power cable (m): 5

    Weight (kg): 20.5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 351 x 312 x 904



    Trigger gun, EASY!Force

    High-pressure hose, 10 m

    Spray lance, 840 mm

    Pressure switch control

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