KARCHER Floor Nozzle

  • KARCHER Floor Nozzle order no. 4.130-018.3


    New, innovative floor tool for even better cleaning results – thanks to optimised steam utilisation and larger cleaning surface. Floor tool is designed to grip the cleaning cloth over the length and width. This dislodges and picks up much more dirt and is ideal for cleaning tiled, natural stone, linoleum and PVC floors.


    Features & Benefits:

    Innovative fixation mechanism to fix the cloth - Easy fixture of the cloth at the floor nozzle.
    Innovative lamellas on the cleaning surface of the floor nozzle - Steam can be used more efficient, no escape of steam
    Larger cleaning area for an even more efficient cleaning and more thorough cleaning result
    The cloth is fixed to the floor nozzle on a maximal surface. More dirt is removed and absorbed.


    Application Area's:

    For all hard surfaces, e.g. tiles, natural stone, PVC, linoleum.
    For cleaning floors
    For tiled walls (large).
    For ceilings insensitive to water.


    Compatible with: SC 1.020, SC 1.030 B, SC 1502, SC 2.500 C, SC 2.600 C, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5


    Alternative part numbers :- 2885142, 2.885.142, 28851420, 4130018, 4.130-018, 41300180, 4.130-018.3, 41300183,, 4-130-018-3


    Please note: cloth is not included as shown in the picture

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