KARCHER CR 5.220 Auto Reel With Swivel Bracket 20m

  • KARCHER CR 5.220 Auto Reel With Swivel Bracket 20m order no. 2.645-261.0

    The Kärcher 20m Auto reel makes unwinding and winding your hose easy. Contaning 20m of Karcher PrimoFlex hose, the auto reel removes the need for back-breakng hosewinding. Using a controlled auto-wind hose system, the auto reel allows you to easily extend your hose to where you need it, stopping and loking in place at any point. Once watering is finished, sa simple pull on the hose and it will slowly feeds its way back into the wall mounted storage box. Including a wall mounting kit, the 20m Auto reel is easy to install and gives a 180 degree swing of the hose reel, allowing you to water all round your garden. The hose reel can also be locked into place with a padlock to prevent theft.

    Features & Benefits:

    Automatic hose retraction - Fast and easy winding and unwinding without knotting.
    Rotatable - For flexible alignment.
    Hose brake - For reliable, controlled hose retraction.

    Application Area's:

    For watering small to large areas and gardens.
    Cleaning gardening tools and garden furniture.
    For watering ornamental and useful plants

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645261, 2.645.261, 26452610

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