• KARCHER Car interior cleaning kit order no. 2.862-128.0


    There’s nothing like relaxing in a freshly valeted car interior. You can achieve professional results at home with the Kärcher car cleaning kit, which contains everything you need to have your car looking and feeling as good as new. The window cleaning cloth and all-purpose microfibre cloth achieve a brilliant, streak-free finish on your interior windows and hard surfaces, while the two brushes – one with hard bristles and one with soft – are great for upholstery. There’s also a selection of car vacuum accessories that can help you clean your car to perfection. The all-purpose car vacuuming attachment is great for flatter surfaces and relatively accessible areas. Additionally, the 1.5m extension hose allows you to reach trickier spaces, working with the extra-long (350mm) crevice tool to remove dust, hair, grit and rubbish from door compartments and even those troublesome spaces down the sides of seats. With this car cleaning kit you can easily have your car interior looking and feeling like you’ve just driven it out of the showroom.


    Features & Benefits:

    Extra long - For hard-to-reach places
    For spaces such as gaps, crevices, cracks etc.
    Extra soft bristles - For gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces
    For vacuuming sensitive objects
    Hand-held - Easy and practical to use
    Sturdy bristles - For removing dried-on dirt
    Extension piece - Larger working radius, e.g. on stairways or for high ceilings
    More freedom of movement


    Application Area's:

    Car interior cleaning
    Upholstery and upholstered furniture


    Compatible with: WD 2.200, WD 3.200, WD 5.200 MP, MV2, MV3, MV4


    Alternative part numbers :- 2862128, 2.862.128, 28621280

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