• KARCHER BD 17/5 C Stair Cleaner With Red Brush order no. 9.533-609.0

    Compact, line-operated single disc machine for scrubbing, shampooing, polishing and crystallizing for various surfaces of small cleaning areas, e.g. stairs and window-sills.

    The compact measurements(L x B x H:16-20 x 36 x 33 cm) make the line-operated single disc machine BD 17/5 C also convenient for those surfaces that classical floor cleaning ma-chines cannot treat because of their size and expensive manual cleaning is usually still the only solution in these cases.
    For this reason BD 17/5 C is also attractive for the commercial and communal users which clean this type of object.

    The operating devices at the side of the machine enable fast control over the machine.
    With the help of the control unit for the rotation speed of the brush (0 - 470 r.p.m) and the according attachments the machine is optimally adjustable to the particular cleaning job: Floor cleaning, crystallizing or polishing of hard surfaces and the shampooing of carpeted areas.

    It is possible to clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces which makes the BD 17/5 C espe-cially for the cleaning of stairs an excellent solution that saves time, energy and money.

    Technical Data

    Power Supply: 240v

    Working width (mm): 200

    Working height (mm): 330

    Brush rotation speed rpm: 0-470

    Power rating (W): 150

    Frequency (Hz): 50-60

    Weight: 5 kg

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 360x180x330


    Disc brush

    Adjustable brush speed


    Alternative part numbers :- 9533609, 9.533.609, 95336090

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