• KARCHER Battery backpack Bp 2400 Adv NEW order no. 2.852-204.0

    The Bp 2400 Adv is comprised of a three-piece battery system which provides 23.2 Ah and 1160 Wh. Allowing up to 12 hours of operation on a single battery charge, the powerful 50 V lithium-ion battery enables long periods of work and offers a high level of safety and comfort for the user, thanks to its lightweight design and ergonomic carrier system. Full transparency of the battery status is available due to the battery indicator display, taking 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

    All parts of the battery system must be purchased separately:

    Bp 2400 Adv, (2.852-204.0)

    Compatible carrier system, (2.852-366.0)

    Adapter (2.852-365.0).

    Features & Benefits

    50 V lithium-ion battery

    Allows long working durations

    No need to change or recharge the battery.

    Battery charge display on view

    Clear display of available working time.


    Effortless work over long periods.

    Ergonomic back carrier system with lap belt and 2 padded shoulder straps

    Ergonomic work without any restrictions.

    Compatible Machines

    HT 615 Bp, LB 850 Bp, ST 400 Bp

    Applications Areas

    For extending the working time with the battery-powered leaf blower up to 12 hours

    For use with battery-powered strimmer when working on steep inclines and on uneven terrain

    For extending the working time with the battery-powered hedge trimmer up to 8 hours

    Alternative part numbers :- 2852204, 2.852.204, 28522040, 2.852-204.0

  • Technical Data

    Battery voltage (V) 50

    Amount of energy 1160

    Battery charging time 4

    Battery life with LB 850 Bp max. 12

    Weight (kg) 9.8

    Dimensions (L x W x H) 425 x 270 x 121

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