KARCHER B 60 Walk Behind Scrubber Drier (Configured To Customer Specification)

  • KARCHER B 60 Walk Behind Scrubber Drier (Configured To Customer Specification) order no. 1.384-020.0

    The B 60 configured machine is perfectly tailored to your needs

    Efficient cleaning has a new name: B 60. Not only is this machine economical. it also achieves impressively high area performances.

    Equipment , working width and suction bar shape can be selected according to requirements for tailor-made cleanliness.

    The KIK system guarantees simple and safe operation. Operator settings can be precisely defined in advance. Note: The eco! efficiency mode only slightly reduces the effective performance of the motors, but extends the battery operating time by up to 30%


    Brush heads - Various working widths from 51 - 65 cm are available depending on the application requirements. Roller or Disc system (Roller alwayshas a sweeping function).

    Mains or battery-operated - Various battery types to choose from upto to 3.5 hrs running time.

    Suction bar - There are several suction bars to choose from. Curved or straight, with natural rubber squeegee blades or wear resistant, oil resistant polyurethane.

    Additional equipment - A variety of additional equipment is available, traction, DOSE cleaning agent dosing unit, automatic filling, mop holder, automatic rinsing system.

    Alternative part numbers :- 1384020, 1.384.020, 13840200, 1.384-020.0

  • Technical Data:

    Rated voltage (V): 240/24

    Brush working width (mm): 510 - 650

    Working width, suction (mm): 850 - 940

    Theoretical area performance (m²/h): 2040 - 2600

    Fresh/dirty water tank capacity (L): 60 / 60

    Max water flow (l/min): 3.6

    Max speed (rpm): 2000 / 180

    Power consumption, entire device max (W): 2100 / 900

    Power consumption, traction motor (W): 300

    Weight (excluding battery) (kg): 88.5 - 115

    Weight with 105 Ah, maintenance-free (kg): 185 - 191

    Weight with 170 Ah, maintenance-free (kg): 232 - 248

    Weight with 180 Ah, low-maintenance (kg): 231 - 243

    Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 1381 x 649 x 1147 (as standard)

    Cleaning agent dosage (%): 0 - 3

    Contact pressure g/cm²): 18 - 315



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