KARCHER B 40 W Dose Walk Behind Scrubber Drier (Roller Brush)

  • KARCHER B 40 W Dose Walk Behind Scrubber Drier (Roller Brush) order no. 1.533-210.213

    Walk-behind scrubber dryer (40 l). Configuration example with traction drive, roller brush system with pre-sweep function, 55 cm working width and battery (105 Ah).
    B 40 W Bp walk-behind scrubber dryer. With roller brush system (including pre-sweep function for coarse particles), 55 cm working width, maintenance-free battery (24 V, 105 Ah), variable traction drive (forward and reverse) KIK key system for protection against incorrect operation. Extra feature: eco!efficiency mode extends battery life, tank rinsing system for automatic cleaning of the dirty water tank without splash-back, auto-fill function for convenient filling of the water tank as well as Dose cleaning agent dosing system for direct dosing from the cleaning agent container. Tip: configuration example. This machine is available with a range of different equipment and features, e.g. different batteries, cable version, without traction or with 45 cm working width.

    Features & Benefits

    3 batteries to choose from

    The charging curve of the built-in charger is perfectly adjusted to the various battery types.
    For a long battery life.

    Brush head with rollers

    High contact pressure for perfect cleaning results.
    Perfect for structured surfaces.

    EASY Operation

    Simple to use.
    The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch.

    eco!efficiency mode

    The eco!efficiency mode is extra quiet and optimal for noise-sensitive areas (e.g. hospitals or hotels).

    Easy handling

    Simple handling thanks to clear control elements with colour-coding.
    Simplified use and shortened teach-in time.

    Traction drive

    The maximum speed can be preset.

    Innovative KIK system

    Yellow key for operators, grey key for supervisors.
    Reduced service costs thanks to less operating error.

    Pre-sweeping attachment

    With integrated sweep bin for coarse particles.

    Configurable Components

    Squeegee, 850 mm
    Squeegee, 850 mm
    Squeegee, 850 mm
    Brush-head R55 C
    Mop holder kit
    Cover with tank rinsing system
    Battery kit, 24 V, 105 Ah
    Battery kit, 24 V, 80 Ah
    Battery kit, 24 V, 70 Ah
    Cover without tank rinsing system
    Squeegee, 900 mm, V-shaped

    Alternative part numbers :- 1533210, 1.533.210, 15332100, 1.533-210.0, 1.533.210.213, 1.533-210.213

  • Technical Data

    Working width, brush (mm) 450
    Working width, vacuum (mm) 850
    Fresh / waste water tank (l) 40 / 40
    Max. area performance (m²/h) 1800
    Brush rotation speed (rpm) 1200
    Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 140 / 160
    Motor rating (W) max. 1300
    Traction motor (W) 130
    Weight (kg) 88
    Weight with battery (kg) 164
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1249 x 620 x 1145
    Battery (V) 24
    Battery voltage (V) 24
    Sound level (dB(A)) 60



    Roller brush
    Pre-sweeping attachment
    Tank-in-tank system
    Traction motor, 130 W



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