KARCHER 10m Rain System Hose

  • KARCHER 10m Rain System Hose order no. 2.645-227.0

    The Kärcher Rain System hose is the main component of the Kärcher Rain System garden irrigation range. Pressure resistant up to 4 bar, the braided hose has a three layer construction that makes it weather resistant, UV-proof and resistant to algae growth thanks to its inner opaque interlayer. Free of phthalates, cadmium, barium and lead, meaning that it poses no risk to health or your garden, this rain system hose distributes water evenly and can be shortened, extended with I-connectors or branched with T-connectors. Our Rain System hose works with the Kärcher SensoTimerand numerous Kärcher components such as drip, sealing and spray collars, to combine the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering. Designed to suit any garden size or shape, simplify your watering needs with this essential Kärcher hose.

    Features & Benefits:

    Hose for the Kärcher Rain System - Drip, sealing and spray collars can be easily affixed.
    Phthalate-free quality garden hose - Environmentally friendly
    Cadmium, barium and lead-free - Environmentally friendly
    6 year guarantee - Strong durability
    Operating temperature between -20 to 65°C. - Tough.
    Opaque interlayer - Prevents algae formation in the hose.
    Easy to handle garden hose with pressure resitstant armouring - For ease of use.
    Easy to handle garden hose with pressure resitstant armouring - Tough and durable.
    3-ply quality garden hose - Extremely flexible for fitting.

    Application Area's:

    Garden watering
    Flower beds, vegetable patches, hedges

    Alternative part numbers :- 2645227, 2.645.227, 26452270

  • Technical Data:

    Diameter: 1/2"
    Hose length (m): 10
    Max. pressure (bar): 4
    Weight (kg): 1.2
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 262 x 258 x 70


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