• KARCHER VC Home Cleaning Kit order no. 2.863-255.0 CLEARANCE


    The extensive VC cleaning kit expands the scope of the Kärcher VC 2 and VC 3 vacuum cleaners. This makes cleaning even easier - and a pleasure to work with.
    WC complete for cleaners. easily cleans even where the usual accessories of vacuum cleaners Reach their limits. Set contains 8 different accessories - ideal for household use. With an angle brush it is possible to remove dust under furniture and household appliances, as well as in intermediate spaces, e.g. between furniture and walls. The upholstery nozzle quickly and easily removes dirt and dust from sofas, yogis, curtains, chairs, etc. Due to its long and narrow design, the joint brush is perfect for vacuuming cabinets, radiators, blinds, etc. The joint nozzle with the brush attached is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as e.g. blinds. A rubberized hair removal attachment with a joint nozzle turns the suction of all types of hair into child's play. The soft furniture brush prevents scratches when cleaning sensitive surfaces. Thanks to the flexible joint, cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as e.g. shelves on cabinets / shelves or the back of the sofa, very easy. With the help of the supplied hose adapt. all accessories from compl. easily connected to the suction hose / handle of VC 2 and VC 3. Conclusion: VC compl. for cleaning is a set of accessories that facilitates all the tasks of vacuuming, and cleaning is much more efficient.


    Compatible with: VC 2 , VC 3


    Alternative part numbers :- 2863255, 2.863.255, 28632550, 2.863-255.0

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