Leaf Blower from Karcher Center AquasSpray

Autumn is coming, a leaf blower may be your savoir

Autumn is coming which means the trees will soon begin to shed their leaves and cover the ground. Although this may look nice on a sunny day with autumnal colours coating the streets this is not very practical and should probably be kept to country parks and woods.

 The paths and pavements around our houses, work, schools and driveways cause covered in leaves can cause no end of problems. When the leaves become wet they become slippery and many accidents have occurred from people slipping on wet leaves covering their gardens and driveways whilst going about their daily business. Not only this leaves can cover up nasty’s such as dog muck and nobody wants to traipse this into their home if there is an unexpected mess outside your front path. Also the leaves can be tread though the home causing extra cleaning and mess within the house which is never wanted.

So how do we avoid this? We could spend our mornings brushing the leaves up into piles to be blown away by the wind as we go or kicked by the kids as they think it’s a game. This doesn’t sound like much fun to me. The other option is to invest in a leaf blower. These handy inventions may soon become your best investment yet keeping the outside areas of your home or business free from leaves.

Leaf blowers make light work of cleaning the leaves from surrounding your home or business, they put a lot less strain on your arms and back than brushing and also they offer much better results due to the power behind the machine itself.

A Kranzle leaf blower is lightweight meaning that it is easy to use, transport and carry and also does not take up too much storage in your garage or business lock up.

A Leaf blower from Kranzle is not limited to just clearing leaves as suggested in the name it can also be used for blowing away light snow from a walk way or your car. You can use your leaf blower to clear gutters or your roof. You can also use your leaf blower to remove and blow large puddles from your driveway or pathway, this is very useful to stop ice forming.

So why not invest in a leaf blower from Kranzle today it will make your autumn and winter chores much easier and quicker to complete meaning you can get on with having fun. If you would like more information or to order a leaf blower from Kranzle you can do so if you click here.