How to clean a BBQ

Quick and easy way to clean your charcoal BBQ

Cleaning the BBQ is one of those jobs most people put off! However, using your Kärcher pressure washer you can get the job done in no time with brilliant results. Follow the simple guide below for the best results.

Step 1.

Empty the cold left over charcoal ash into a bin and remove the grill from the BBQ.

Step 2.

Choose your vario power spray lance, and set it to a medium setting. Spray your BBQ down using sweeping motions. This should remove any ash and sticky substances left over at the bottom. 

Step 3.

Set you grill up against a surface, clean by using the vario lance on a medium setting, however for any stubborn sticky leftovers turn the pressure up to hard. 

Step 4. 

Give the BBQ a final rinse down, to get the best results rinse from the top down, ensuring water doesn't get trapped in the bottom of the BBQ. 

*Be sure to check any manufacturer recommendations, as all BBQs are different.