KARCHER Steam Cleaner Detail Nozzle

  • KARCHER Detail Nozzle order no. 2.884-281.0


    Ideal for cleaning in crevices, corners, edges and other difficult to reach areas. Together with the round brush, ideal for numerous uses in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs. Makes cleaning in crevices easy.


    Features & Benefits:

    Attachment for accessories - Attachment for brushes, power nozzle and extension
    Curved shape - Better accessibility of places difficult to reach


    Application Area's:

    For crevices, corners and other difficult to reach areas, e.g. cracks
    For watch straps and jewellery
    For removing stains on carpets and upholstery.
    For blinds.


    Compatible with:

    DE 4002

    SC 1.020, SC 1.030 B, SC 1402, SC 1502, SC 2.500 C, SC 2.600 C, SC 2.600 CB, SC 1, SC 2, SC 3, SC 4, SC 5


    Alternative part numbers :- 2884281, 2.884.281, 28842810



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