How to protect your Karcher from winter

How to protect your Karcher from winter

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How to Protect your Karcher from winter
3 Top Ideas
to help you save your machine
Tip 1.
Your garage can get below freezing at night
1. Try to raise your Karcher off the concrete floor,
2. If possible place it next to the wall closest to your home
3. Keep away from the doors they are more likely to be the coldest area
Tip 2.
When water freezes, it expands by around 10%

1. Disconnect all hoses and accessories
2. Hold the gun trigger and let the water drain
3. While the hoses are disconnected, turn the Karcher on for a short burst to drain water (Warning! do not run the machine too long)
Protect your Karcher From Frost

Tip 3.
Even after draining your machine there still may be water inside

1. Cover your Karcher with a blanket or old carpet




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