• KARCHER Water dispenser WPD 100 T AC CO₂ Order no. 1.024-910.0

    The WPD 100 water dispenser with optional base is connected to the domestic water network and delivers perfectly clean, still water at the push of a button: chilled and unchilled, and, depending on the device, hot water or carbonated water. All lines, the heating and cooling modules, the Hy-Protect filter and the water dispensing valve are thermally disinfected at regular intervals. The rinsing process is fully automatic. The Active-Pure Filter eliminates chlorine and heavy metals and ensures a pure taste. The Hy-Protect filter works with ultrafiltration to retain bacteria and viruses. Minerals are retained.This filter also has to be changed once per year. The device is equipped with an overflow-proof drip tray. It also comes optionally with a drip tray in the drain or in a container in the base, which saves having to empty the drip tray.The automatic thermic disinfection of all water pipes, which takes place without chemical treatment, ensures hygienic safety. To prevent recontamination of water the dispensing valve is protected against touch of user from outside. To reduce energy consumption the hot water unit is only activated on push of a button on demand. Therefore no storage of heated water takes place. Further potentials for cost and energy saving are realized by the "power save mode". The WPD 100 T AC CO₂ unit has high-grade mirror finish ABS surface in stainless steel look and can be used as a table top unit. Together with Foot Cabinet T (order no. 2.641-376.0) it can be applied as a stand-alone unit.


    • Hygienically clean drinking water in food-grade quality at the touch of a button. Ideal for offices, health facilities, shops, industry, public service, hospitality industry, restaurants and catering companies.

      Features & Benefits

      Water flat rate - economical drinking pleasure
      Save money in the long term: tap water from the water dispenser is, at Ø 0.05 cent per litre of water, significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than bottled or gallon water
      Fresh drinking water is always available

      Especially energy-efficient thanks to adjustable operating time (power save mode) and heating only when the button is pressed (hot water on demand)
      Thanks to plumbed-in connection, there is no need to purchase, transport, store and recycle bottles or gallons.
      Significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared with bottles and gallons

      Absolute hygiene safety
      Certified water in food quality (TÜV Süd and SGS Institut Fresenius) thanks to patented hygiene concept without the use of chemicals.
      Innovative filter concept: Best water taste thanks to active carbon filter and protection against viruses and bacteria thanks to an ultrafilter.
      Water dispenser with contact protection

      Reliable service
      Minimum service and costs thanks to automatic thermal disinfection and rinsing process as well as filter replacement only once a year.
      Comprehensive service network with highly trained service technicians

      Kärcher quality "Made in Germany"
      Production exclusively in Germany
      Food suitability of all components tested by TÜV Süd

      High-quality casing: matt sheen and easy-to-clean ABS surface

      Innovative design
      Clear display with user-friendly, touch-sensitive buttons
      Attractively designed tap

    Technical data

    Hot water
    Cold water
    Uncooled water
    Cold water with carbonation
    Voltage (Ph/V/Hz)
    1 / 230 / 50
    Input pressure with carbonation
    Drinking water delivery rate, cooled (l/h)
    max. 24
    Drinking water delivery rate, not cooled (l/h)
    max. 100
    Drinking water delivery rate, hot (l/h)
    max. 10
    Weight (without/ with pedestal) (kg)
    33 / 53
    Height without pedestal (mm)
    Height with pedestal (mm)

    Alternative part numbers :- 1.024-910.0, 1-024-910-0, 1.024.910.0, 10249100, 1024910,

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