•  discontinued KARCHER Extension & Power Nozzle order no. 2.883-263.0 yellow

    Power nozzle with extension considerably increases the cleaning power of the detail nozzle. More powerful steam jet for easy and environmentally friendly cleaning of difficult to reach areas, e.g. corners, edges and crevices. Suitable for numerous uses in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs.


    Features & Benefits:

    Narrowed opening for steam outlet - The cleaning power of the steam jet is even stronger
    Due to the higher cleaning power dirt is easily removed from crevices
    Extension of the detail nozzle - Easier accessibility of areas difficult to reach


    Application Area's:

    For difficult to reach areas (crevices/cracks)


    Compatible with:

    DE 4002 (110V)
    SC 5
    SC1 Steam Stick Mop, SC2, SC3, SC4
    SG 4/4
    SC 1.020 o.BE., SC 2.500 C, SC 2.600 C, SC 5.800 C


    Alternative part numbers :- 2884282, 2.884.282, 28842820

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