KARCHER Puzzi 30/4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner & PW 30/1 Spray extraction cleaner

  • KARCHER Puzzi 30/4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner & PW 30/1 Spray extraction cleaner order no. PUZZI_30_4_BUNDLE

    Puzzi 30/4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

    Kärcher’s all-new Puzzi 30/4 makes carpet and upholstery cleaning easier and more productive. Using the proven spray-extraction method but with the added advantage of Kärcher’s revolutionary flexible suction tool, the 30/4 deep cleans carpets and leaves only a market-leading 9% residual moisture. This means that carpets and upholstery are left almost completely dry, reducing the risk of resoiling and enabling cleaned areas to be used again very quickly. The 30/4 has a very small footprint to make storage and transportation easy, and to enable use in confined spaces. The new removable dirty tank makes emptying and refilling easy and safe.

    Features & Benefits

    User-friendly EASY Operation operating concept

    Removable wastewater container

    To protect against dirt, the dirty water tank's handle is attached to the outside.
    The dirty water tank is easy to remove and can also be used to fill the fresh water tank.
    A short description on the rear of the dirty water tank explains the work process in a way that is easy to understand.

    Extremely quiet

    With just 66 db(A), the Puzzi 30/4 is one of the quietest wet vacuum cleaners.
    Thanks to the low noise volume, the machine can be used everywhere,even during business hours and in hotels.
    The low noise emissions protects the operator and allow longer workintervals.

    For large areas

    Large transport wheels

    Large tank capacity

    Even with a full 30-litre fresh water tank, the Puzzi 30/4 can be easily transported lying on its back.
    An integrated level indicator display shows the operator the currentfresh water level.
    The fresh water filter protects the components and can be removed without tools and cleaned.

    High suction power

    High cleaning performance

    Height adjustable handle

    Power outlet for PW 30/1

    The integrated power outlet enables flexible use of the PW 30/1 without an additional power source.
    When not in use, the power outlet is effectively protected by an automatically closing flap.
    The PW 30/1 increases the area performance, cleans the pile with a rotating brush and aligns it in one direction.

    PW 30/1 Spray extraction cleaner

    Kärcher’s PW 30/1 power brush dramatically increases the performance and productivity of Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction machine. The motor-driven roller brush cleans carpets more thoroughly and quickly than the standard Puzzi floor tool by deep-brushing the carpet to agitate and lift dirt from the fibres.

    Features & Benefits

    Rotating brushes

    Rotating brushes intensify deep cleaning producing even better results.

    Improved cleaning performance

    The PW 30/1 professional power brush increases cleaning performance by a further 25 % compared to its predecessor.

    Alternative part numbers :- 1101123, 1.101.123, 11011230, 1.101-123.0, 1913103, 1.913.103, 19131030, 1.913-103.0

  • Puzzi 30/4

    Technical Data

    Power Supply: 240v

    Max. area performance (m²/h): 60-75

    Air flow rate (l/s): 74

    Vacuum (mbar/kPa): 254 / 25.4

    Spray rate (l/min): 3

    Spray pressure (bar): 4

    Tank freshwater (l): 30

    Tank dirty water (l): 15

    Power rating fan (W): 1200

    Power rating, pump (W): 70

    Weight: 26 kg

     Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 580x460x930



    Wide floor nozzle with flexible squeegee blade

    Spray hose with integral water feed 4 m

    Spray suction hose 4 m

    Additional handle


    Spray Extraction Attachment

    Technical Data

    Max. area performance (m²/h) 55-70

    Brush motor power rating (W) 60

    Weight (kg) 5.9

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 350 x 260 x 835


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